How President Ranil addressed the pro Rajapaksa gallery from Germany..! – Robinhood

Among the things that can be done in the face of the Socio-political-economic disaster in which the country is now, one of the foremost tasks is to seek foreign help.

Because of this, President Ranil Wickremesinghe has been seen visiting various countries, addressing various international summits and meeting leaders of various institutions and countries. As we understand, the purpose of all these things may be to draw the world’s attention to us, to get aid and help, to establish international relations. At this moment it is a very positive action. It is a matter to be appreciated that the President of the country has come forward for this.

During some foreign trips, the President could also be seen participating in press conferences. Last week, a press conference was held by President Wickremesinghe with the very famous Deutsche Welle (DW) media organization in Europe. In social media parlance, this discussion has now gone “viral”. Martin Gak, one of the most experienced professional journalists in that institution, conducted an interview with President Wickremesinghe. Throughout the discussion, President Wickremesinghe was observed reacting to the journalist in a “threatening” and “impulsive” manner. The impulsiveness of the President is such that he could not even control the clarity of his speech.

In that press conference, we should ask about President Wickremesinghe’s actions and opinions. If President Ranil Wickremesinghe had spoken patiently and calmly, he could have given the world a more positive response about us at that time. However, throughout the discussion, the President was seen to be in a state of irritation and stress. If explained in simple Sinhala media language, President Wickremesinghe was in a situation where the press conference was “troubled” and the journalist was was made a knave.It was simply a press conference addressing the pro Rajapaksa Gallery in Sri Lanka.

After some time, pro Rajapaksa media received a pro gallery-news. “President Ranil Wickramasinghe made the DW News journalist run” “Our brave President gave well to the white man” Most of the people in Sri Lanka who see this kind of pro Rajapaksa news see these as great acts of heroism. Bayya (Pro Rajapaksa allies) also sees the politicians who insult the honor of their country by castigating the western journalist in English as patriotism.

When asked about the terrorist attack on Easter Sunday, the President’s impulsiveness was seen intensifying. President Wickremesinghe turned the discussion into a media conference of the highest quality on a Sri Lankan television channel to congratulate the pro Rajapaksa gallery. The President, forgetting that he was in a press conference, asked the journalist, “Who are you?”

From the beginning, it was seen that the journalist was about to ask some questions with President Wickremesinghe with a better understanding. At the beginning of the interview, President Wickremesinghe could see that the journalist was making him uncomfortable. It seems that the journalist is trying to build his communication relationship with the President by observing it. Sometimes we could see the journalist humble before the president “Let me please finish the question!”

Appealing to the international community for help but defiant

Ranil said that he is rejecting the report of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, not the United Nations. It is very sad that President Wickremesinghe does not understand that the United Nations is the most powerful organization in the West and that the Human Rights Commission is one of the most important institutions of the United Nations. It seems that the journalist is helping the president to clear up where he went wrong by highlighting it.

Here, when President Wickremesinghe criticized the West, the journalist asked a strange question.

…believe, actually Sri Lanka to have not delivered on accountability, not delivered on justice. What you are promising for many of these people is essentially moot. Are you concerned that this kind of attitude will compromise what you actually need from the international community? In this question, there was a serious accusation made indirectly to President Wickremesinghe, it was not a question that the journalist wanted to ask, but it may be an idea that the journalist had due to the impetuosity of President Wickremesinghe!

However, Martin Gak asked the few questions he wanted. Despite protesting with the journalist finally, President Wickremesinghe admitted that he will work with the international community.

President Wickremesinghe’s mental decline

President Wickremesinghe may have some regret that he rejected the people due to not liking to do politics in the extreme-grassroots political model of the Rajapaksa.

Today, President Wickremesinghe is surrounded by the majority of parliamentarians who have branded Ranil as a pro-West and Don-Juan Dharmapala. Every time Ranil Wickremesinghe ran for an election, he was accused of being pro-Western, an American-style capitalist politician.

But the majority of the people of the country defeated Ranil in the last elections not because of his pro-West or his capitalist political vision, but because of his use of clumsy politics” and “political cowardice” because there was no leadership in him. President Wickremesinghe still does not seem to understand this. Instead, he has realized that he needs to escape the label of being a pro-Westerner. For that, he revealed another clumsy political conspiracy before Martin Gak. From that, he reiterated to the world that Sri Lanka still has an extremist-pedestrian system of government in the model of the Rajapaksa regime.

He behaved in front of the international media by imbibing a so-called patriotism and nationalism (of the Rajapaksa model) which was not present with him before.

We have no problem with President Wickremesinghe’s attitude towards the nation and his political ideology. Even if he is pro-Western, there is no problem if he does not harm the country. What is wrong here is that he does not stand on his own philosophy, but at once takes an anti-Western view. It is our understanding that it is inappropriate for President Wickremesinghe to try to argue that in an international media. On the other hand, at this moment, President Wickremesinghe does not seem to have any understanding of the damage done by Mahinda Rajapaksa to the socio-political culture of the country, that the people of the country should be freed from the narrow racist and extremist religious-cultural ideology.

Do western countries look down on us?

We learned that Sri Lanka is the greatest country in the world. People realized that it was just a “fantasy” when they died in oil queues. We have always blamed the white man to protect our greatness. Claiming that Western nations treat us like second-class people is a serious lack of knowledge about Global Geopolitics, the modern disciple of President Wickremesinghe. We are not going to solve our problems as the West or the international community wants! Why are we a second class nation? President Wickremesinghe may have had such ideas after becoming the president. It is clear that opposition to the West is an opinion cherished in his mind. President Wickremesinghe should be reminded of one thing. During the 2015 election, the popularized “Good Governance” was a “flat western concept” that was created in 1992 by the World Bank, founded in the United States. The Wickramasinghes copied that western concept to come to power.

On the other hand, it is our own self-indulgence to say that Western nations treat us as inferior. It is a genetic illusion taught to us by our insular society-religious culture and petty politics. For the Sinhalese, whose skulls have been deformed by the ancestors, if we are to be called the greatest nation in the world, we must compare to any other nation. We did not see President Wickremesinghe present any positive argument in front of the journalist to allege that Western nations treat us inferior. Instead, he threatened the journalist and said, ‘We are not afraid of the West’.

President Wickremesinghe also ruined his diplomacy

A leader of a country goes to another country and has a way of behaving and expressing ideas. Although it has no law or system, it depends on the civilization and human characteristics of the leader. This press conference was held in Germany, the media organization is German, and the journalist is also German. Do you have international observers in your cases! President Wickremesinghe asked the journalist. Here, the President meant, ‘What did you do internationally for the crimes you committed?’ Wickramasinghe asked about the United Kingdom and other countries. In a diplomatic situation, this is hardly an overt behavior by a president.

Clearly, the President did not seem to have any maturity, vision, and understanding of the questions in his response.

He did not even allow the journalist to ask questions.

In a press conference like this, what should happen is to promote diplomacy and gain some positive attention for the country through the President’s comments. We see these kinds of ideas in our Sri Lankan parliament, “The white man conspire to cover any treachery and interfere with our work.” The Parliament of Sri Lanka is a cave where each political group addresses the people of the country who are mentally enslaved to them, a factory where news is made for television and YouTube channels. Local politicians who always grumble the West, and the whites always have the majority of power in the country, and they are always accompanied by the so-called majority of the country’s people. It is clear that President Wickremesinghe participated in the press conference last week with the understanding of this situation.

Easter Sunday attack

What happened on Easter Sunday was a massacre, an inhuman act, a great national crime. Ranil Wickremesinghe was the Prime Minister of the country when it happened. Ranil Wickramasinghe showed his characteristic “slipping” by saying that I was not even allowed to come to the security committee. The Easter Sunday crime is a national issue that needs to be addressed, where justice should be served to the dead countrymen, foreigners and their relatives, and the truth should be revealed to the country. From the day the attack took place until now, the group of politicians who are in power in the country have been avoiding this national issue by using cunning tactics. President Wickremesinghe is acting on the side of the people today, and if he wants, he can do justice to the people of the country who were victims of the disaster on Sunday! It is clear from the interview with the DW News journalist that President Wickremesinghe is also doing the usual slip up. He told a story that if a committee is appointed and it fails to do its job properly, a parliamentary committee will be appointed.

What did President Wickremesinghe bring home at the end of the press conference?

Martin Gak started the press conference and the first question asked by President Wickremesinghe was,

Mr. President… Any good news that you are taking home from the two days of the Berlin dialogues?

As a journalists, let’s ask President Wickremesinghe the same question!

Mr. President, what did you tell the world about our country in the media discussion with DW?

President: You idiot, didn’t you follow it, I told the world that I am a “GAME PLAYER” in media-politics

However, President Wickremesinghe has once again provided an international example of his “clumsy-Politics” away from home, proving to the world that he is a “game player”! But, it will only be for the welfare of the pro Rajapaksa Bayyo of the country.