Before the start of the government’s press conference, Minister Bandula Gunawardena, who turned his hound face into a lime peel, expressed the government’s condolences for the death of the young student who died after falling from a crowded train due to a strike.

The despicable act of a dastardly thief also depicted the excitement of a young man’s tragic death to an accident. Now the government has got a blood-stained piece of meat to chew on. It should be understood from Bandula Gunawardena’s rhetorical talks that the death of this child has been used to cover up all the mistakes of the government by making him a victim of treacherous politics.

Bestial Bandula Gunawardena thinks that he is a universal divine son who came to this country from the heavenly world for the government of Rt. Honorable anil. This beast is talking, implying that as if he is a new minister of this country’s government. This restless person does not remember that he was a minister in the cabinet of the previous governments. It must be said that the rest of the cabinet of Rt. Honorable Ranil’s government is no different from this.

During the Mahinda Rajapaksa government in the year 2013, youths like Akila Dinesh, Ravishan Perera, Nilantha Pushpakumara, who came to the streets demanding good water in Weliweriya Ratupaswala was shot dead by the government forces. Roshan Chanaka, a garment worker in Katunayake in 2011 and Antony Fernando, a fisherman in Negombo in 2012, were also killed by security forces. Janaka Bandara and Sisitha Priyankara, who were politically active students in the university in Gampaha Imbalgoda, were mysteriously killed in a car accident.

During the government of Mahinda Rajapaksa, the number of journalists who were killed and assaulted by the government’s underground operations is 42. 11 students have been kidnapped and cause to enforce disappearances for ransoms by the navy. The number of inmates who were brutally killed in Welikada prison is 22. A young man was killed by the police in Rambukkana during the Gota Go Home protest.

The scoundrel Bandula Gunawardena, who is shedding crocodile tears today for the student who died in a train accident, also worked as a cabinet minister in the government that carried out the above list of murders. But it should not be strange to remember that in those days this rogue did not express a single sorrow for these murders.

About the student who died in the train accident, this rascal has been inflicted with a strange disease. This group of crooks is making political gains from the death of this young man.

It is a destiny of the country that there is a herd of inert media beasts in this country who are ready to mislead the people by raising their vain, petty and restless expectations.

If the politicians throw petty cereals they are the kind of people who raise their backs. Actually, rather than feeling sorry for them, we should snub their parents who gave birth to these bastards in this world.

There is one thing that we should remember to the ministers of the Podujana Peramuna including the unstoppable thief Bandula Gunawardena. That is that your mother, father, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will be punished for the sinful and disgraceful acts they do.