Foreign Minister Ali Sabri’s statements to foreign media aimed at Canada and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have caused surprise and shock to political commentators.

At this moment, a serious diplomatic conflict has arisen between India and Canada, which has not directly created a problem for Sri Lanka at the moment, and the severe attack on the Canadian government and the Prime Minister has now attracted regional attention. Sabry’s behavior is more prominent in the background that other countries in the region have not yet intervened in this issue so rhetorically and stupidly.

As a poor nation, Sri Lanka has its own battles to face, professionals who know about international relations and public diplomacy have pointed out that not intervening in the conflict that is not related to the government or the nation is something that must be done and which is possible.

At the height of the political crisis, when its domestic economy collapsed and the country ran out of money, the country’s political leaders sought help from the international community. At this time, even the poorest countries in the world helped us. Many nations came forward in a friendly way to help Sri Lanka.

At this moment, the country is paying at a time when the world should adopt a middle path approach more than ever before. President Ranil Wickremesinghe assured the world that he maintains good relations with all countries and does not stand for any side during his talks held in conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly session held in the United States last week.

Not a week has passed since the president succeeded in an non align practice. Unexpectedly, Foreign Minister Ali Sabri made an outrageous statement to the Indian media and went into conflict with Canada over an issue of India that is not related to Sri Lanka at all.

In an interview with the Indian channel, Sabri says that Canada is a safe haven for terrorists. In his statement as Sri Lanka’s foreign minister on the Indo-Canada diplomatic crisis, Sabri says that he is not surprised by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement regarding India as he has a habit of making outrageous accusations without substantial evidence.

The foreign minister said, what Canada has done to India is similar to what Canada did to Sri Lanka, and the statement that a genocide has taken place in Sri Lanka is dangerous and completely false.

Sabri can express his opinion anywhere, but he does not join this conversation as Ali Sabri. Even if Ali Sabri wants to say something, it is of no use to India or to the world. Sabri is intervening as Sri Lanka’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. It should be written that this statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, attaching Sri Lanka into the India-Canada conflict, is a serious crisis.

Many people do not understand what is the fuss about the allegations made against India by the Prime Minister of Canada, which has no relevance to Sri Lanka.

Sabry’s statement against Trudeau can be accepted in terms of our country but it is seen irrelevant because it appears the minister is plunging Sri Lanka into a problem between India and Canada.

Now it should be asked if Sabri heard the foreign policy of the president who goes around the world carrying a non align policy and is this the official statement of the country or is this a personal agenda of Sabri.

A begging nation, mired in an economic quagmire, has many problems of its own. The people of this country are questioning why Ali Sabry is pulling irrelevant matters which is not important to our country at this moment.


Sri Lankan Minister Ali Sabry Slams Justin Trudeau On India