One of the most remarkable achievements of the UN system is the amount of time and money they spend in compiling reports / statistics /charts / creating terminologies and preparing plans and processes of coordinating and monitoring them. It is baffling how far entities within the UN system know who is doing what and what the ultimate goal or objective is and more importantly for whose benefit these objectives are being drawn. Navi Pillay before winding up her tenure played a role alongside the UNSG in creating many precedents directed only upon Third World targeted nations. Sri Lanka being one. Sri Lanka became a victim of a well-coordinated pressure campaign combining Western Governments-UN system-INGO nexus-media and local lackeys.
The Public of Sri Lanka has however refused to fall for the accusations/allegations without evidence been thrown at Sri Lanka and so the best way out has been for the UN system to come up with cunning terminologies that would enable them to infiltrate into internal systems and take control over governance eventually to become the dictators of decision-making in Sri Lanka. Without a doubt the UN/OHCHR are trying every means possible to enter Sri Lanka.
Navi Pillays 2014 offer was innocent enough advice on the establishment of a follow-up truth-seeking mechanism that would examine the different accounts of past events and the history of the conflict, including its root causes” in order to “provide an inclusive narrative of why it happened, contribute to thecreation of a historical record and bring clarity to the question of casualty figures“.
Quite a lot of gibberish which really makes no sense but affords the UN to break up into chunks of what benefits them.
To warrant OHCHR interference / involvement or any role whatsoever and for Sri Lanka even to consider why we should accept advice and suggestions by the UN/OHCHR it is important to see exactly how far these terminologies used on other nations have succeeded to get anywhere near the objectives that the UN claims to achieve by implementing what they suggest.
TRUTH Commissions have been launched in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Czech Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, Liberia, Morocco, Nepal, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea, East Timor, Uganda, Ukraine, Tunisia,
Would Truth Commissions cover & would UN take action against the countries that are the root cause of the problem?
Source : Global Research
Somehow all the world’s conflicts lead to powerful nations that manufacture arms and find some means to create a conflict so they can end up selling arms to both sides and then prolonging the end by sending UN/NGOs to confuse matters further so that geopolitical and other cultural advantage and agendas and be fulfilled. All the conflicts around the world suffer from these basic maladies which are compounded because there are sets of local traitors who join the bandwagon because the corrupt international system enables them to use these channels to advance their careers, hobnob with foreign counterparts, travel the globe as human rights crusaders with their bag of lies and crocodile tears and finger pointing to preach at the gullible!
As regards LTTE leaving aside the claims by Tamil politicians if the UN is not going to and India is unwilling to accept its role as the initial creator of Tamil militancy, there is little point in wasting money, time and effort in any Truth Commission.
India’s role in clandestinely training Sri Lankan Tamil unemployed youth and taking them to be secretly trained in India and sent back under tutelage of the Indian intelligence is a FACT/TRUTH known by all Sri Lankans and confirmed in the Jain Commission report following the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.
These trainings took place in 1970s and was followed by Indian trained militants sent by to Sri Lanka carrying out assassinations firstly upon Tamils (LTTE’s first victim was a Tamil Mayor – Alfred Duraiappah in July 27, 1975 followed by shooting of Tamil policemen before the guns were pointed at the Sri Lankan Army)
India’s role is mentioned by Indians and is now just a common knowledge with the unlikelihood of India apologizing for India’s responsibility/accountability for militancy in Sri Lanka that unleashed 30 years of terror, bloodshed and destruction. We do not need a truth commission to tell us what we all already know. No truth commission will be able to ever get India to apologize either. So what is the point in setting up a plush office, selecting a handful of people giving them massive salaries, bringing down people as witnesses (most of them would be dead by now or not able to remember) and spend years and years tabulating what we already know.
Morever, we are all well aware that the LTTE was adopted by the West and became its contracted terror friend and that shift would have come with the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. The West’s wings in the form of NGOs / the Church / INGOs & even the UN have in many ways provided covert support for the LTTE otherwise with over 3000 NGOs operating in the North why would none of them even write against the LTTE’s recruitment of children as child soldiers and take action against LTTE? Many of LTTE’s crimes upon Tamils have gone unnoticed because the Tamils that suffered and from whom LTTE plucked the children were from low caste poor Tamil homes and neither LTTE nor the Tamil politicians cared a fig about them.
Therefore, the fancy notions that the OHCHR is trying to promote are just a waste of time and are merely to camouflage initiatives that cannot be openly told and the best carrot that can advance setting up of these technical help desks and offices is to give the impression that the local decision makers will also make something out of the deals.
Now these deals are likely to land Sri Lanka in a lot of trouble whatever party decides to accept the carrots and leaving aside the politics it is good for the politicians to open their eyes to the dangers they are blindly walking into.
It would be better instead of a domestic inquiry if the OHCHR/UN can investigate
Shenali D Waduge