Mullaitivu District Judge T. Saravanarajah has informed the Judicial Service Commission in writing on September 23 that he will resign from six appointments including the post of District Judge, Magistrate, and Family Court Judge due to the mental stress caused by threats to his life, pressure and harassment. Saravanaraja later fled the country.

Judge Saravanaraja was also conducting investigations in the mass corpse pit found on July 6, 2023 during a road excavation in Kokkuthuduai.

His death threats are mainly due to his orders to protect the ancient scientific monuments of Kurundumalai in Mullaitivu. Buddhists claim Kurundurmalai Archaeological Monuments are the ruins of a Buddhist temple and Hindus say it is the ruins of a Hindu temple.

The ruins spread over hundreds of acres are to be preserved by the Department of Archaeology. Others are not allowed to do any construction or excavation in the places where archaeological monuments are found. Such places should be properly excavated and explored by the Department of Archaeology to bring out the truth. But the archaeology department has allowed the construction of Buddhist buildings in violation of the law.

The former Director General of Archaeology was finally forced to resign to protect the archaeological zone. It was due to the threats and pressure of President Ranil. Judge Saravanaraja has issued three orders to the Director General to stop the illegal construction but those orders have not been heeded.

Sarath Weerasekera a pro Rajapaksa Pohottu Member of Parliament who came to the excavation site was not allowed to participate when Judge Saravanaraja visited the Kurunthurmalai Archaeological Monument. The judge said that it was unnecessary for any politician to participate.

Then on August 22, 2023, Sarath Weerasekera in another parliamentary debate, under the guise of privilege, subjected Judge Saravanaraja to severe criticism.

“The judge should know that this is a Sinhala Buddhist country. He is suffering from a mental disorder,” said Sarath Weerasekera. Neither the speaker nor anyone said to withdraw his statement.

Objection to Sarath Weerasekera’s statement

Sarath Weerasekera’s statement was challenged by local and foreign organizations working for the independence of the judiciary. The Sri Lanka Bar Association and the International Commission of Jury (ICJ) were the main ones. However the government reduced Judge Saravanaraja’s security and he was threatened. Attorney General Sanjay Rajaratnam summoned him on September 21 and pressured him to reverse the orders he had given regarding Kurundurmalai. Later judge Saravanarajah issued the following statement.

“There was continuous pressure from the government to reverse the orders I issued regarding the the Kurundumalai case. Parliamentarians like Sarath Weerasekera and members belonging to the majority community have threatened my life both from inside and outside Parliament. While the intelligence officers were continuously monitoring me, my police protection has been reduced recently.”

“The Attorney General invited me to meet him in his office on 21.09.2023. During the meeting he urged me to reverse the orders I had issued in the Kurundurmalai case.”

“In addition to this, two cases have been assigned to me personally in the Court of Appeal related to the Kurundurmalai case.”

“Therefore I have been forced to resign from my beloved judicial posts due to threats to my life, pressure and harassment since the order was issued. The above are just a few examples of threats, pressure and harassment I have received”.

There is no law in the country

Sarath Weerasekera is a blatant racist who has also been accused of masterminding the Easter bombings.

The current government of Ranil Rajapaksa is a scumbag government that has allowed the racists to do the same as Mahinda and Gotabhaya’s.

Underworld murders in the country occur at a rate of one per week. Drug traffickers carry on trafficking from within the CID. There is no law. If there is a law, this disaster will not happen to Judge Saravanaraja.

If a senior district judge of the country flees the country in fear of death, what about other ordinary unprivileged people?

Attorney General denies allegation

In response to an inquiry about the incident from Attorney General Sanjay Rajaratnam, said that it is completely false to say that he influenced Saravanaraja. The Attorney General also said that he will make a statement about it in a few days.