Its just one week since the ‘’ .had started progress From then on wards its popularity is no more a secret.There is a necessity which should be explained to the frantic. An LNW reader phoned me to inform about a news item published   in ‘’.But we are not that small minded to reply on behalf.However one thing surely should be explained so our editors board decided to publish this news.

According to our concern there is no hard and fast rule to get the permission from old aged small minded people , The Rajapaksas’ or The maithre governance to own a web site either the ‘ ‘or etc.Any one who own a credit card can get any number of web sites.Its a must to explain that the  has not harm the reputation of yours.

Finally the ‘’, wish to inform an old aged lawyer like you, that we don’t have to explain to you that who is behind the”Puppet” web site.People like you who are trying to be Godfather’s of web mafia should remember that , sugar may dissolve but the sack will not and the price of the sack will cost Rs. 10/- and not more than that.

We wish to remind our readers that we will fight for the truth and nothing beyond that.