The government is ready to burn the north! The former LTTE members who were in custody were released without being brought to court!

Our Special Correspondent in the North revealed that an operation has been launched to terrorize the Tamil people in the North-East. Our Special Correspondent in the North stated that the Intelligence Division of the Army is engaged in an operation to anger the and harass the Tamil families of former LTTE members who are working in various jobs after the war.

Why was the court released? without being brought to court?

Meanwhile, our Special Correspondent in the North revealed that a group of former LTTE members who were in the custody of the Sri Lankan Army have recently been released without being brought to court. In that way, the LTTE members who were released secretly were employed as spies and they are deployed to provide daily reports to the Sri Lanka Military Intelligence Division and the Sri Lanka Police. Our Special Correspondent in the North stated that the relevant spies are taking over the military police power and terrorizing the common people. The operation of the military intelligence department has been to create unrest in the Eastern Province through that group.

About a month ago, a team from the Army’s intelligence wing, which arrived from Colombo, instructed several rural officials of Batticaloa district to submit written reports providing in-depth information on the whereabouts of ex-LTTE members who has been reunited with their families.

“Perhaps the son too may be a tiger like the father”

Apart from this, the intelligence operatives of the army has gone door to door in several areas including Kokkadichhole in the Western province and asked details from family members about the work place, their phone numbers and details of the employer of the rehabilitated LTTE members.

Village officials and heads of employment agencies have also been directed to regularly inform about the activities of former LTTE members such as their place of work and their work routine.

Similar surveillance operations have also been reported in Koaraleippattu (Kiran) and Porathivuppattu (Vellawa-Valley) divisions and as good job opportunities are scarce in rural areas, even disabled people among former LTTE members go out of rural areas to find employment. The members of intelligence who have expressed doubts about this have also ordered those who come for work to get some kind of “character certificate” from the village officials.

The inquiries and reports of the soldiers who visit to the homes of the families with young women and girls are somewhat alarming. Our special correspondent in the north stated that the young men/women are being severely tortured speaking in Sinhala saying “Perhaps the son too may be a tiger like the father”

It is now very clear that in the face of the political crisis faced by the Ranil-Rajapaksa government in the south, which is putting false media shows in the south regarding the dissolution of power, a conspiracy is being launched to create an uneasy situation in the north and thereby gain political favors. The Eastern Province where three ethnic groups, Tamil, Sinhalese and Muslims, live in a mixture, and the failed government in the South is trying to create a state of unrest by raising suspicions among them.