International spies point out that the operation to establish China’s first foreign naval base in Sri Lanka in the Indo-Pacific region in the next few years has now reached its final stage.

According to an assessment of the AidData research project of William and Mary University in Virginia, our spies point out that China has already invested 2.19 billion US dollars.

According to the report, Sri Lanka was followed by Guinea, Pakistan on the list of countries to host a Chinese naval base in the next few years to help Beijing expand its maritime capabilities. For that, arrangements have been made to use Hambanthota port, the result of the infamous deal made with Ranil Rajapaksa.

A recent report by AidData stated that “Hambantota is the largest single port investment anywhere in China and Beijing exercises direct control over the facility. Its strategic location, China’s popularity among elites and the population, and Sri Lanka’s alignment with China in the General Assembly of the United Nations elections, Hambanthota is a top candidate for our future base.”

For years, observers have tried to decipher the extent to which China is using its economic power to advance its military ambitions. The Asian nation has the world’s largest navy in terms of warships and its construction and engineering companies are busy building port facilities around the world. It provided loans and grants worth nearly $30 billion from 2000-2021 to build or expand 78 ports in 46 countries, the AidData report said.

By now, China’s first foreign base in the Indo-Pacific region has been established in a military camp in Cambodia, and it started in 2019 against the launch of the US military expansion in the Indo-Pacific region.

It will no longer be a secret.

Accordingly, why did the Rajapaksas take steps to reclaim a sea without any responsibility, and propose a Hambanthota port from the quarry? During the 2015 presidential election, when former president Mahinda Rajapaksa was given 7.6 million dollars from the Hambantota port account, why did Ranil Wickramasinghala act under the guise of development to continue it? It will no longer be a secret.

A financial crime of about 50,000 million rupees!

It was revealed in Parliament that Hambantota Port will be sold to China Harbor Company for $102 million less than the estimated value of $1,100 million, and thus the sale of this port will cost $1,200 million compared to the $1,200 million loan taken to build it. A financial crime of 318.9 or 50,000 million rupees!

Are you a pro-American? Pro Chinese?

Accordingly, next year’s presidential election in Sri Lanka will be a crucial one for China as well as for America and India. According to the Indo-Pacific Agreement, Modi has been tasked with the task of fulfilling America’s project. Accordingly, Modi will try hard to stop Ranil and Rajapaksa from drifting towards China, while also launching the project of bringing an American to the presidential race.

A blow to the head of Mr. Sri Lanka!

China is at the forefront of this battle as a country that guides the economic power of Sri Lanka. China, who showed during the last Gotabaya presidency that they have the power to break the country’s economy at any moment of need, is now taking the stick. He will not think twice to hit Mr. Sri Lanka’s head at any necessary moment.

Revealed on April 11, 2022.

When Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov arrived in Sri Lanka, he held talks with the then President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Defense Secretary and went to India It was revealed that China, Russia and Iran had arranged to get support in connection with conducting a four-day naval exercise.

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Indo-Pacific Strategy

“America, as the leader of the free world, must join hands with our allies and partners to counter the rise of China,” Senator Mitt Romney.

The US describes its Indo-Pacific strategy as an “ironclad and sustained commitment” to a region stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian subcontinent.

Although America gives different interpretations, according to the simple meaning used by Trump, “Indo-Pacific” means that India, the United States and other major Asian democracies, especially Japan and Australia, will come together to contain China in the new framework of the growing “Cold War”! Namely.

Accordingly, America has done through this agreement to give full power to control Sri Lanka to India and declare Sri Lanka as a “willing partner” in the Indo-Pacific region, plans to establish a US base in Sri Lanka for US military expansion in the region and for Sri Lanka is run through the Modi regime.

“Our first stop was Sri Lanka…I was joined by Lisa Curtis, Assistant to the President of the NSC. As you know, Sri Lanka occupies some very important possessions in the Indo-Pacific region and is a country of increasing strategic importance in the Indian Ocean region.

Revealed on April 11, 2022.

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Revealed on February 01, 2020.

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Report of the AidData Research Project!

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