Vidura camp in Sampoor was closed to provide lands for the Tamil ‘refugees’ who rejected alternative lands offered to them due to the pressure exerted on them by TNA and pro-LTTE fronts. They were carrying on a political agitation on behalf of their ‘masters’ to grab a piece of land in this critically strategic area. 

Before the Mavil Aru incident. R, Sambandan was leading a program of illegal settlement of the poor Tamils along with LTTE activists around the Trinco harbor mainly in Sampoor area for very obvious reason of having the control of sea routes to Sri Lanka from the Eastern coast.

According to the Government information sources the total number of families which are to be settled in Sampoor is around 825. After allocating 20 perches per family the total land requirement for the settlers are 1650 perches, approximately 110 acres. But, the total area in Sampoor which was to be allocated to the landless as mentioned in the Minister Swaminathan’s  ministerial paper was around 900 acres.

What will happen to the 900 acres in Sampoor? Who will get it?

Once the area is made vacant apart from the new settlers , ONLY the Indian Coal Fire project will remain in Sampoor to utilize the vast expanse of land. In spite of many adverse reports submitted by the eminent environmental groups and individuals including the questions raised by the economists with regard to the long term viability of the project, the Indians are not going to be moved out.

Finally, India with its management of Oil Tanks located close to the harbour and being the only company operating in Sampoor will rule the roost in Trincomalee, the strategically most important international harbour and its hinterland!

Is this the price to be paid to India for assisting the change of the Government? It is indeed a gloomy situation for the whole country with India ‘s increased interference in Sri Lanka’s internal and external politics and the economy.